Sam Mathias

Solution Development Director

Sam Mathias

Sam leads technical teams providing solution architecture, hardware integration and software development.  Sam is extremely talented in all things technical and quickly gains a deep understanding of the problem, enabling him to architect the right solution efficiently. 

I’ve always been a bit of a geek, and, in school, I enjoyed the sciences over everything else, which explains why I got into technology. I spent most of my time, from age 11, writing simple pieces of software.

I left school to work as a Software Developer at Tinopolis where I developed state of the art systems, for clients such as the BBC, MOD and Welsh Government.  Hungry to learn more, I worked with several international agencies and seized the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, developing cutting-edge anti piracy technology for NBCUniversal and specialising in technologies such as C++ and complex data analysis.

I am still very hands on in my role at Empyrean, and having built up a team of highly talented developers, we are building our own exciting software products, as well as supporting and managing the development of our clients platforms.

I enjoy the fast paced, and constantly evolving nature of technology, so my career has always been full of problems to solve. The travelling hasn’t been so bad either!

I’m a huge music fan, I listen to music all day and most of my t-shirts are emblazoned with heavy metal references, but I also have a secret passion for musicals and going to the Theatre.