Alun Williams

Technical Director

Alun Williams

Alun has a deep understanding and rare perspective on how digital solutions can be integrated within a coherent business strategy.

I graduated from the University of Glamorgan with an Information Technology degree in 1997 and started my career as a technical consultant with Logica.

Working for Logica taught me a great deal about real world application development, writing code on some really meaty projects including Air Traffic Control, Traffic Management, Global Logistics and Asset Tracking Systems.

As the dot com bubble grew I had an opportunity to join an exciting and fast growing interactive television company called Yes TV.  As their platform and technology specialist running teams across London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Sydney.

In 2003, I started my own company, split between the UK and California, to develop an online video distribution service under the Blockbuster brand. Following this I stayed on the West Coast helping startups refine their technical and commercial strategies, and providing technical due diligence and board representation on behalf of the investment community.

In 2010, I was approached to support the UK government (GDS) Digital Exemplar Programme and went on to lead DVLA’s internal IT team (300+ staff) during the exit and transition of staff and services from their incumbent digital supplier.  Creating a new world IT organisation with the associated skills and operating model is an approach that has been applauded and used as an exemplar across the public sector.

Since founding Empyrean I have led a wide range of technical deliverables, working with a Government, Executive Agencies, large farmers cooperatives and third sector. Seeing the team grow whilst still reflecting the Empyrean ethos has been my personal highlight.

I have an eclectic list of personal interest, I enjoy travelling and have read great books in coffee shops all around the world. I am an accomplished musician though travel with work has kept me from practicing as much as I should. I enjoy playing video and tabletop games, and following the development of the gaming industries with equal fervour.