About Us

Empyrean was formed in 2017 in response to a real need in the market for pragmatic and experienced digital support and delivery. The time was right to bring together founders and team members who had worked together on a range of complex and high profile technology projects. Since then we’ve steadily grown the Empyrean family and client base, building a team that works together seamlessly to deliver quality outcomes.  

Empyrean supports a broad range of amazing clients from the largest UK government departments to the world’s most exciting start-ups. Our work is varied and ranges from development of crawlers and predictive mathematical AI models, to the design and delivery of ambitious digital transformation plans for government departments. 

Although we work for organisations globally, we actively seek out Welsh opportunities and keep our Welsh roots at heart.

Empyrean means “the highest part of heaven, thought by the ancients to be the realm of pure fire”.  To us this means we put our team and customers first - delivering to the highest standards and going the extra mile.