Greg Clark

Product Director

Greg Clark

Greg drives commercial, product and business improvement projects across the world, in public and private sector in both B2B and B2C markets.

In 2005 I graduated in Industrial Design at Brunel University, and headed to Cardiff for a Masters in Product Development.  I started my career as a design engineer and moved from a small consultancy to Panasonic and their global leadership programme.  I was fortunate to work and train across the world and enjoyed the traditional manufacturing process of the fast-moving consumer goods market.

These traditions also ran deep at The Royal Mint, where a small team and I developed a ground-breaking technology resulting in several patents and a national innovation award. Looking back, the project I enjoyed the most was positioning cutting-edge technology with the trust and heritage of the Royal Mint brand to conceive and deliver the first digital currency in its 1100 years of history.

With a bright and energetic team at PwC, I then continued to work in digital; supporting a huge IT insourcing project at the DVLA, and a digital transformation programme with the team at Government Digital Service (GDS).  Working in such high-profile initiatives was a fantastic experience and provided real insight into transforming services and delivering change.

More recently, I’ve been solely responsible for the market planning, service design and agile product development of consumer credit, identity and fraud solutions at LexisNexis, a FTSE 15 group company.  This role provided real autonomy and a talented technology team to build new services from the ground-up; I never thought I would fall for back end systems and big data analytics, but I loved it!

Throughout my career, data and technology have become increasingly complex and pervasive.  For me, this landscape serves to reinforce how important it is to maintain focus on users at all stages of the product development process.  The team at Empyrean Digital have an unrivalled breadth and depth of experience, and we are all incredibly passionate about what we do. This experience and passion is invigorating, and I feel hugely privileged to play a part.

My wife and I live in Cardiff, we have 3 children and enjoy taking them paddling at the beach, cycling and walking the hills.  As a keen mountain biker, I regularly hurt myself in the forest and spend countless evenings fixing my bike in the garage.